Tuesday, November 24, 2009

wikipedia entry posted

For the Wikipedia assignment I decided to look up twins because I am a twin so I figure that makes me somewhat of an expert. I couldn’t really find anything wrong necessarily with the article so I decided to add some information that I thought was lacking. They didn’t have any information on mirror twins only fraternal and identical twins, so I added this little part to the article. I added this at about 6:00 on Sunday night and by Monday at 8:00am it was already taken down. It was very easy to submit, I just had to make an account and then there was an edit button at the top of the page and it lets you edit any part of the article. What I found from this Wikipedia experience is that it is very easy to edit an entry on Wikipedia, but it didn’t stay up long at all even though the information was factual.

"Mirror Twins Mirror image twins are a type of identical twins. It can happen in any type of identical twins. Why some twins are mirror imaged and not other is still a mystery to scientist. No one knows why the egg splits and so no one knows why some twins mirror each other and others don’t, but the major characteristics of mirror imaged twins is opposite features things such as hair whirls, dominant hands and other features, such as freckles and moles on the opposite sides but same spots. In extreme cases twins can even have reversed organs."

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