Monday, December 7, 2009

Illustrator ad from the internet

Here is the coke/pepsi ad that I found on the internet

My illustrator ad

Because the pepsi ad was so difficult, I decided to try a more simple illustrator ad with it. Here is an advertisement that I created myself.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Work on Pepsi Ad

I have been working on this advertisement for about a week now and it is a lot harder than I thought. I was able to get the basics down, but the areas with the more detail were a lot harder for me to do. This projet really helped me to learn how to use illustrator though. I decided to try a simpler advertisement as well.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

wikipedia entry posted

For the Wikipedia assignment I decided to look up twins because I am a twin so I figure that makes me somewhat of an expert. I couldn’t really find anything wrong necessarily with the article so I decided to add some information that I thought was lacking. They didn’t have any information on mirror twins only fraternal and identical twins, so I added this little part to the article. I added this at about 6:00 on Sunday night and by Monday at 8:00am it was already taken down. It was very easy to submit, I just had to make an account and then there was an edit button at the top of the page and it lets you edit any part of the article. What I found from this Wikipedia experience is that it is very easy to edit an entry on Wikipedia, but it didn’t stay up long at all even though the information was factual.

"Mirror Twins Mirror image twins are a type of identical twins. It can happen in any type of identical twins. Why some twins are mirror imaged and not other is still a mystery to scientist. No one knows why the egg splits and so no one knows why some twins mirror each other and others don’t, but the major characteristics of mirror imaged twins is opposite features things such as hair whirls, dominant hands and other features, such as freckles and moles on the opposite sides but same spots. In extreme cases twins can even have reversed organs."

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Midterm assignment

The Pop Science’s Future of: Sixth Sense is a very interesting and potential hit product in the next couple of years. The Sixth Sense is a product that can save people from carrying around all of their different technologies, such as computer, cell phone, camera etc. This is a product that will change technology and combine products. People will no longer ache from carrying bags, brief cases, or purses with all of their different technologies. People will have a computer easily accessible, it is something that can go around your neck like a necklace or can be as small as a button on your shirt. All that is needed is a wall to shine the light on. There is a camera that is inside of the sixth sense that looks at what you’re hands are doing and reacts to your movements and gestures. The sixth sense is going to revolutionize the business world. Not only is it going to revolutionize the business world, but it will create a culture that we have never had before.

The sixth sense is a CPU that you wear around your neck. It makes your hands a keyboard and any wall is the screen. People carry around with them phones, laptops, iPods, etc. which is all such a hassel to carry around all the time and makes a person’s bag very heavy. We are in an age of “gadget overload” and this sixth sense technology is to going to clear that all up. The culture that we are in is buy buy buy! People are constantly buying new technologies, just for the sense of having the latest craze. New technologies such as phones, iPods, iPods that have become phones, miniature laps and more are being designed and produced daily. It is in our nature and culture to want what everyone else has, and not just to want it, but to own it and own it now. If your friend goes out and gets the new Verizon phone that has been advertised all around the television and magazine and keeps raving about how awesome their new phone is, what are the chances that you are going to go out and get that same phone one that is just as good or better? Technology is a huge part of people’s lives in today’s world. Many of us could not imagine life without cell phones, iPods, text messaging, email, because our culture and generation today is so dependent on technology. People are surrounded and bombarded by technology every day. You cannot go a day without using some type of technology and if you do go a day without using some type of technology, I bet that you could not go a day, maybe even an hour without seeing some using some type of technology whether it is an iPod of iPhone. This sixth sense makes it so that we only need one device and that combines all the rest. Imagine having one device that holds all of your information and technology. Not to mention that this one device is the size of a silver dollar and will cost about the same as an iPhone.

The sixth sense makes it possible to look for information and interact with information with your gestures. No screen, no keyboard are needed. It projects and provides interface wherever you are because it’s a part of the body. Think about it…if you could combine all of your technologies such as cell phone, laptop, iPod, anything else into something that is as small as a silver dollar and part of your body? I don’t think anyone would pass that up. I think that your muscles and body would surely thank you for downsizing the amount it has to carry and it makes life much easier.

Think about the business world. The typical business man or women has their laptop, cell phone, possibly iPod for business trips, maybe a DVD player or camera for travel or even just a laptop and cell phone, the idea of having a laptop and cell phone accessible on your body without having to worry about packing or carrying it makes life much simpler. We live in a culture where faster is better and if it makes life simpler we will take it. This sixth sense does all of that, it makes life much easier by having all of your technological needs right on your body and at a hand gesture and with a wall as your screen the world is at your hands in no time at all.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Persuaders

1. One thing that I got from one of the last video clips was that the consumer has all the control. The consumer is obviously the one who buys the product so they have the control. The guys says something like, "we are all the persuaders," meaning the advertising companies. So I took this to mean that what I wear and buy effects/persuades my friends, family, etc. to wear or buy what I have. Once you buy a product or some type of accessory or clothing its like you become an advertisement for that product because you are showing it off and if it looks good on you then your friend, family member or anyone else would be more convinced to buy it too. I thought that this concept was really interesting.

2. I think that the amount of advertising we see every day affects us, even if we do not realize it. I don't know if there is really too much or too little but there certainly is a lot. I think that most people would say there is too much, and I think that for the most part they are right, like when I am watching tv and there are more commericals than the actual television to advertise products, I think that is more abundant now and it is annoying. I also think that advertisements affect us even when we don't realize it. A lot of times you look at an advertisment and disregard it, but some really make you think. For example there are all of those beauty product or enhancement products that can really have an effect on girls and women today. Girls see what they are "suppose" to look like and they think they need to wear a certain thing or be a certain size. In that way I think that there is too much advertisements.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cropped picture

I cropped out the boat of people so it looks like it is just a nice landscape picture. When you add in the people it gives it more meaning because the people are looking at the mountain. The picture could have many different stories, for example its some type of tour or they are lost at sea, but when it is just a picture of the mountain it just looks like a picture from a landscape calendar.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Photoshop is the Message

Photoshop enables people to alter and enhance pictures which in itself sends a message to people. It lets people put out their own images and own designs. It also can help in advertising to send the public exactly the image or message that they want to be shown through using tools and techniques in photoshop. Photoshop is the message through its tools which has revolutionized how images and pictures can be transformed into something new.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Updated image


I have not used photoshop before so the first assignment was difficult and could use improvement just by learning more about photoshop. I would have liked to make it more like a collage with some more pictures and images moved around, but I was not sure how to use it. I just need a little more practice using photoshop.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Medium assignment

The medium that I chose for this assignment was the Garmin GPS running watch, which not only works as a GPS system but has many other applications and functions. Some of its functions are a location finder, data logger, receiver, and photo tagger. This watch has revolutionized exercise, the runner can even view their paths on google earth and google maps. A person may be more likely to go for a run because they have this watch than if they did not. Therefore more people are running and it makes people less lazy and more excited to go for a run, and also more knowledgeable about where they run and how far.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Garmin Gps Running Watch

Sharing music

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